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Government and industry need to adopt a shared approach to the process of digitalisation

Secretary of State Iris Gleicke praises Erfurt producer of metering devices as a model

In the course of her visit to QUNDIS GmbH Iris Gleicke, Secretary of State for Industry in the new Federal States, repeated her call for the removal of obstacles to growth to mid-sized companies. In this context she referred to her dialogue campaign promoting company growth («Unternehmen :wachsen»), in which interested parties from the economy and business circles can participate until the end of August. This morning she exchanged important ideas on the implementation of digitalisation in conversation with the management of QUNDIS.

At the meeting she praised the innovative performance of the Erfurt company and in particular its contribution to increasing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings by the application of cutting-edge metering equipment. «The example of QUNDIS demonstrates that even young mid-sized companies are well able to set new benchmarks in the industry», states Iris Gleicke, who was particularly impressed by the highly modern production line for electronic heat cost allocators which she inspected during her tour of the production facility. In addition she was shown how the water meters and heat meters are assembled.

The digital metering devices produced by QUNDIS enable the billing of water and heating consumption on the basis of accurate consumption data. «As a result our system solutions provide an incentive for the more efficient use of energy. At the present day our metering devices are already enabling reductions of up to 30% in energy and heating costs», comments Dieter Berndt, CEO of QUNDIS GmbH.

An interim report on the results of the dialogue so far will be presented at a congress taking place on 9 November 2016 at the Federal Ministry for the Economy and Energy in Berlin.

For more information on the dialogue campaign promoting company growth please see: www.dialog-unternehmen-wachsen.de