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50 trees planted in Erfurt: Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Academy a resounding success

50 trees, 30 children – that’s the result of the first Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Academy in cooperation with QUNDIS and the city of Erfurt last Saturday.

In the morning a large crowd gathered in front of the town hall in Erfurt,  because 30 children and their parents were already waiting eagerly for the start of the Children’s Academy and its slogan: «Stop talking – start planting». After everybody was welcomed, the 9 to 12-year-old participants listened attentively to the presentation given by Josh (Class 10), an ambassador for climate justice who provided interesting information and tips on environmental protection. After that the kids divided up into groups and devised their first targets and activities aimed at counteracting climate change. In the afternoon the pupils then headed off for a tree planting session. In a forestry area near Töttelstädt they planted 50 young trees which will contribute towards climate conservation – including wild cherry, sycamore maple and Norway maple trees. Subsequently all the children were appointed ambassadors for climate justice.

In addition the young participants received exciting information material, T-shirts, and books on the subject of climate conservation, so that they will be able to get their friends and fellow pupils interested in the idea. The kids were also already planning concrete activities for the future, including a flashmob against climate change, information events at schools and further tree planting sessions. The next Children’s Academy will take place in April 2017.