Via the QUNDIS Q SMP web portal consumption data recording can now be managed regardless of location

The QUNDIS smart metering platform (Q SMP) now makes all consumption and metering data available to service companies via the new Q SMP web portal. The read-out processes of the connected gateways can be managed from any location via the portal, while encrypted transmission using the IBM Cloud ensures data protection and security.

Companies in the housing industry can now manage all readout operations for the billing of operating and incidental costs via the Q SMP web portal. Round-the-clock monitoring of the status of the QUNDIS Q gateway 5 smart meter gateways and configuration of the automatic consumption data recording are now possible.

“The new Q SMP web portal provides service companies with access to the heating and water consumption data of their properties whenever it is required. Central provision of the information in the cloud enables a high level of data accessibility, while at the same time reducing the complexity of the IT infrastructure required by the customer”, explains QUNDIS CEO Thomas Röhrl.

The Q SMP web portal significantly simplifies the task of putting into operation the AMR networks which are to be read out in a remote meter readout system. It enables the installation of the connected gateways, and provides a wide range of configuration options. Thanks to the Q SMP web portal it is possible to set up the readouts per gateway for any time of year, together with the meter readout intervals for the automatic and encrypted transmission of the consumption data by email or SSH FTP. The management dashboard provides a fast overview of the status of the Q AMR systems of all buildings. The responsive design of the Q SMP web portal means that it is also displayed optimally on smartphones and tablets.

The Q SMP web portal is made available by software supplier IBM in the form of a private cloud, ensuring best possible data protection and security. “QUNDIS has no access to tenant data – the Q SMP web portal transmits only the data of metering devices, without direct reference to any individuals. All of the portal’s data flows are encrypted”, explains Marco Tessendorf, external data protection officer at QUNDIS. “IBM is certified in the field of data management, and meets all requirements in relation to data protection and security. The cloud for the Q SMP web portal is subject to German data protection regulations”, adds Marco Tessendorf.

In order to use the Q SMP web portal, service companies operating within the housing industry require QUNDIS metering technology and a communication service contract. In future the Q SMP will also make available features such as map displays and information about the metering devices, such as battery status and radio connection status.