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Qundis and Suez Smart Building strengthen partnership

It was during the H’Expo exhibition organised by the «Union sociale pour l’habitat» held in Montpellier from September 22 to 24, 2015 that Qundis and Suez Smart Building Division jointly presented to social housing associations a new generation of Qundis Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocators, which are specially adapted to the Suez Smart Building specifications.

Qundis and Suez Smart Building extend their partnership to the whole French territory, offering to social housing associations and co-owners solutions that are even more efficient and flexible.

The new range of Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocators allows, at any time, to choose between two operating modes: wireless readout (walk-by) or remote metering readout without any modification or intervention on the counting devices. Daily data emission for at least 10 years results in Q caloric 5.5 being a particularly efficient heat cost allocator offering an open OMS type architecture (Open Metering System).

Suez Smart Building is a service provider, leader, among others, in deployment and operation of efficient heat cost allocators. Therefore, according to Mr Philippe Passemard — Suez Executive Vice-President — Smart Building Division: «Every day, Suez Smart Building is committed to provide services that are essential to life, to protect water and energy resources, and thus to assist its clients in defining innovative solutions. Our development relies on commitments and ambitions like assisting local authorities and social housing associations in imagining sustainable territories, communicating and smart cities and buildings which will be able to cope with new resource management issues. The Qundis company, by assisting us in this approach with reliable and innovative technologies, will allow us to meet our goals.»

QUNDIS, a company located in Germany, is specialised since 25 years in designing and building sub-metering devices and wireless communication systems allowing transmission of information data to service providers. Qundis is a worldwide leader in building heat cost allocators with an automated production of approximatively 4 million units a year in its German factory in Erfurt. Key figures: Present in 30 countries, 6 million residential units equipped with Qundis products, 300 employees, 70M€ sales, 10% growth rate.

Suez – division Smart Building: Landlords, property managers or building occupants shall control their operational expenses, valorise their assets, and provide more services to occupants. The Smart Building Division, a division of Suez group, provides solutions to manage the performance of housing, office, commercial and public buildings. Its offer covers the whole value chain: from remote multifluid data readout to an asset and operational management information system for buildings, up to personal advice. Key figures: the Smart Building division is: 470 employees, 2.1 million of counting units (water, gas, electricity, heat cost allocators…), 33 million audited m2, 4 million m2 as building data observatory.