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QUNDIS and the Technical University of Ilmenau sign cooperation agreement

At QUNDIS HQ in Erfurt QUNDIS strengthens its strategic partnership with the Technical University of Ilmenau. The agreement confirms the existing project-based cooperation between QUNDIS and the faculty of high-frequency and microwave technology (HMT) at TU Ilmenau, and lays the foundation stone for further joint projects.

Exploiting potentials and creating innovations together

Dr. Holger Landenberger, Head of R&D at QUNDIS and Dr. Matthias Hein, head of the HMT faculty at TU Ilmenau, were jointly present at the signature of the agreement in Erfurt on 29 September. This agreement establishes the strategic partnership between QUNDIS and TU Ilmenau for an indefinite period of time.

“Formalising our cooperation with TU Ilmenau is an important step towards intensifying our existing collaboration and driving forward the digitalisation of buildings together”, states Dieter Berndt, CEO of QUNDIS. “We believe that the academic expertise of staff at the prestigious TU Ilmenau represents an ideal complement to the innovative spirit of QUNDIS. And Prof. Matthias Hein, too, stressed the importance of the cooperation: “We are looking forward to our further cooperation with QUNDIS. In future, too, we will be able to implement shared projects which will not only benefit research and the Europe-wide QUNDIS customer base, but also the economic power of Thuringia.”

Cooperation agreement is by no means the beginning

QUNDIS and TU Ilmenau also worked in close cooperation well before the official signing of the agreement. In the field of wireless technology the results of their cooperation have flowed into the development of the new Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator. Projects like this will also be the subject of the future cooperation, which aims to ensure optimal exploitation of synergies in the fields of microwave, metering and automation technology. In Germany’s university rankings the TU Ilmenau’s technical courses such as electrical engineering, in particular, achieve top positions. “Of course we also hope to take advantage of the cooperation with TU Ilmenau in order to attract highly qualified graduates from the university to QUNDIS”, explains Dieter Berndt, CEO of QUNDIS.

Press release 30 September 2015
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