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New heat cost allocator with improved radio transmission and flexible readout times

Erfurt, 24 September 2015 – In October QUNDIS is launching the Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator with optimised wireless transmission performance. This electronic device for recording the heat emission of radiators is the optimised successor model to the tried-and-tested Q caloric 5, and features significantly improved wireless transmission performance. In addition, in C-Mode the Q caloric 5.5 can be read out 365 days a year. This benefits not just metering services and housing companies, but also and in particular the occupants of the housing.

The Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator enables simpler and more flexible meter reading, which can be implemented both on site and in mobile form. Compared to the predecessor model, the wireless transmission range in C-Mode operation has been almost tripled, from 25m to 60m (depending on the structure of the building). C-Mode is part of the European open metering system standard (OMS), which is supported by QUNDIS products. This enables faster data transmission thanks to shorter telegram lengths and longer readout intervals, thus making a decisive contribution to the future-compatibility of the QUNDIS products. The increased wireless transmission range simplifies remote readout in particular, which means that the occupant or owner of the building doesn’t necessarily have to be present.


The more flexible readout times are a further important new feature. Instead of 48 possible days in the S-Mode, with Q caloric 5.5 in C-Mode readouts are possible 365 days a year. As a result metering services and housing companies are no longer restricted to specific time windows during the year, giving them greater flexibility in planning their recording of consumption data and the billing of energy costs.

The benefits at a glance:

  • wireless transmission range increased from 25 m to 60 m, depending on building structure (in C-Mode)
  • readouts 365 days a year (in C-Mode)
  • walk-by and AMR telegrams in OMS standard
  • downward compatible with predecessor model Q caloric 5
  • no new heat transfer (kc) values required
  • no additional fitting required
  • upgrade to C-Mode and OMS possible in the field
  • no software adaptations required for existing QUNDIS systems

Further information on the Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocators is available here (PDF).