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QUNDIS water meters with factory-fitted and parameterised radio transmission modules

Erfurt, 8 September 2015 – At the request of customers QUNDIS is now providing all mechanical water meters with factory-fitted and parameterised radio transmission modules. These water meters sets represent a further module in the digital data recording range of the QUNDIS product world. Fitting is simpler, operation cheaper and in addition the module is less vulnerable to error.

With immediate effect metering services can order all QUNDIS mechanical surface-mounted or flush-mounted water meters with a factory-fitted walk-by or AMR radio transmission module. During production the metering devices are fitted with the radio transmission module specified by the customer, provided with a seal and programmed with the meter number, the initial meter reading and the relevant medium (hot or cold water). Parameterisation on site is no longer necessary,

which means that there is no additional work involved in the fitting and parameterisation of the radio transmission module. The water meter set can be installed as a single unit. Automated meter reading by means of wireless technology is a more efficient process, less vulnerable to error and will in the long term ensure the competitiveness of metering services and housing companies. The QUNDIS water meter sets also enable readouts in the course of the year, and accordingly contribute to meeting the requirements of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.