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Innovative data management with QUNDIS

Smart metering platform Q SMP and smart meter gateway Q gateway 5

In future QUNDIS will be providing metering services and the housing industry with a high-end system for remote meter reading, combined with a cloud-based smart metering platform (Q SMP). Existing Q AMR solutions can now be supplemented by the Q SMP smart metering platform and the Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway.

For metering services and the housing business this combination of innovative new technologies enables the fully automated provision of data by email or web portal at any time of year. Cloud-based consumption data metering represents a significant simplification of operating processes, together with a reduction in administrative operations.

The combination of the latest Q AMR (automatic meter reading) solution with Q gateway 5 and Q SMP offers metering services large and small the fully automatic provision of consumption data at any time of the year. The Q gateway 5 gateway represents the innovative core of the modular system. It comes with a factory-fitted SIM card, which enables a considerable reduction in installation work. QUNDIS administers all configuration and data recording operations via the Q SMP smart metering platform. Tariff and data volume handling as well as data hosting is implemented by QUNDIS in cooperation with IBM.

The battery-operated gateway can read out up to 30 QUNDIS AMR networks within wireless AMR range. After that the consumption data of up to 15,000 heat cost allocators, heat meters and water meters can be transmitted by mobile communication to the QUNDIS smart metering platform (Q SMP) in encrypted form. From there the data is made available to the service provider at the arranged intervals by email, SFTP or via a web portal.

The benefits at a glance:

  • fully automatic data provision at any time of year by email, SFTP or web portal
  • a high level of data security – cloud-based data hosting via IBM as cooperation partner and OMS standard
  • ultra-low power technology – a battery-operated gateway with a standard lifespan of 10 to 12 years
  • consumption data recording of up to 15,000 metering devices
  • reduced installation work thanks to factory-fitted SIM card and battery-operated gateway
  • outstanding radio transmission capabilities with best-possible wireless connectivity provided by domestic and international roaming

Further information about the Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway is available here.

A further product innovation from QUNDIS – a cloud-based complete solution for consumption data recording