Product optimisations by QUNDIS

From April QUNDIS will be supplying its new Q module 5.5 water for Modularis water meters. Compared to the predecessor generation it achieves twice the radio transmission performance. The radio module is ideal for retrofitting QUNDIS AMR and walk-by installations. The Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway is now also available with mains connection and enables flexible data readout. From the autumn QUNDIS will be supplying its new Q water 5.5 water meter with integrated radio transmission.

Module for remote readout: optimised radio transmission and flexibility

The new add-on radio module for Q module 5.5 water Modularis water meters is a further development of the tried-and-tested generation of QUNDIS devices. The launch of C-Mode has enabled the transmission range in standard buildings to be nearly doubled. This means that metering services can now, thanks to the add-on module, read out consumption data 365 days a year remotely by radio transmission. In the past this was only possible with AMR systems. Thanks to this product metering service enjoy much more flexibility in planning their recording of consumption data and the billing of utility costs. Meter reading can be implemented both on site and in mobile form, because – parallel to walk-by radio telegrams – Q module 5.5 water also transmits AMR telegrams. Existing QUNDIS AMR installations can be integrated without hardware or software modifications.

New Gateway version with mains connection enables flexible data readouts

For monitoring and recording up to 5 AMR networks, QUNDIS is now offering a further version of the Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway. The new gateway can be connected to the mains and is therefore no longer dependent on battery life. This product variant is especially suited to metering services and housing companies with frequent readout and recording of gas or electricity consumption data. Regardless of the energy supply, the new gateway with mains connection has the same specifications as the battery-operated version. The overall package also includes use of the cloud-based QUNDIS smart metering platform for the management of the gateway processes.

The next generation of water meters with integrated radio transmission to be available in the autumn

In October QUNDIS is planning the launch of a new generation of electronic water meters under the name of Q water 5.5. These devices have an integrated 868 MHz radio module, which transmits simultaneous walk-by and AMR radio telegrams. This enables customers to choose between C- and S-Mode communication. With this product, too, the transmission range in typical buildings will be extended significantly by comparison with previous-generation devices. It will then also be possible to read out water consumption data in mobile form 365 days a year.

In addition QUNDIS is planning to significantly increase the selection of metering capsule variants for the Q water 5.5 meter. The aim is to offer compatible versions for most standard single pipe connecting parts produced by all the major manufacturers. Screw-type versions will also be available for the metering of cold and hot water consumption.