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Product optimisations by QUNDIS

From April QUNDIS will be supplying its new Q module 5.5 water for Modularis water meters. Compared to the predecessor generation it achieves twice the radio transmission performance. The radio module is ideal for retrofitting QUNDIS AMR and walk-by installations. The Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway is now also available with mains connection and enables flexible data readout. From the autumn QUNDIS will be supplying its new Q water 5.5 water meter with integrated radio transmission.


Q module 5.5 water / Q gateway 5 mit Stromanschluss
New QUNDIS heat meter with integrated communication function enables low-cost and fast integration with M-Bus systems

QUNDIS is now offering two new versions of its tried-and-tested Q heat 5 screw-type heat meter. From April 2016 the devices will be available with an integrated M-Bus/Impuls-IN communication interface or optionally only with M-Bus connectivity. This means that the heat meters can be integrated into an existing M-Bus network without the additional purchase of an add-on module.


Wärmezähler Q heat 5 M-Bus/Impuls-IN
Via the QUNDIS Q SMP web portal consumption data recording can now be managed regardless of location

The QUNDIS smart metering platform (Q SMP) now makes all consumption and metering data available to service companies via the new Q SMP web portal. The read-out processes of the connected gateways can be managed from any location via the portal, while encrypted transmission using the IBM Cloud ensures data protection and security.


Q SMP web portal
Heat meters fitted with a display loop simplify the readout of consumption values

From the end of October 2015 all QUNDIS heat meters will gradually be fitted with a display loop. This will simplify the process of reading out the data on the display of the devices. It will now be possible to record display values at the push of a button. This new feature applies to all Q heat 5 QUNDIS heat meters together with all future variants. The remaining product features and extensive configuration options of the devices continue to remain available without restriction.


New heat cost allocator with improved radio transmission and flexible readout times

Erfurt, 24 September 2015 – In October QUNDIS is launching the Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator with optimised wireless transmission performance. This electronic device for recording the heat emission of radiators is the optimised successor model to the tried-and-tested Q caloric 5, and features significantly improved wireless transmission performance. In addition, in C-Mode the Q caloric 5.5 can be read out 365 days a year. This benefits not just metering services and housing companies, but also and in particular the occupants of the housing.


Q caloric распределитель тепла
QUNDIS water meters with factory-fitted and parameterised radio transmission modules

Erfurt, 8 September 2015 – At the request of customers QUNDIS is now providing all mechanical water meters with factory-fitted and parameterised radio transmission modules. These water meters sets represent a further module in the digital data recording range of the QUNDIS product world. Fitting is simpler, operation cheaper and in addition the module is less vulnerable to error.


Innovative data management with QUNDIS
Smart metering platform Q SMP and smart meter gateway Q gateway 5

In future QUNDIS will be providing metering services and the housing industry with a high-end system for remote meter reading, combined with a cloud-based smart metering platform (Q SMP). Existing Q AMR solutions can now be supplemented by the Q SMP smart metering platform and the Q gateway 5 smart meter gateway.


QUNDIS GmbH chooses IBM Cloud as the source of modern energy management

Ehningen/Erfurt – March 17, 2015: The German SME QUNDIS developed a measurement system for the way data is collected from energy consumption. QUNDIS chose IBM Softlayer cloud center in Frankfurt to support the billing and monitoring of heat and water consumption. On the central platform, customers such as metering service providers have transparency in managing energy consumption. Additionally, QUNDIS plans to develop mobile apps via IBM’s Bluemix, so that home owners can access current consumption data through a portal or manage their heating on their smart devices.


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